A Normal Fanfic: The Sequal

Made by Shissou

Original post – https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hRvOO6EK4nli6HnkEop16dipDvWlQufjhpKMiae-t6I

Warning: NSFW – Contains explicit sexual content

   Christmas eve has always been one of the most anticipated times of the year. It’s a golden opportunity to spend time with your friends and loved ones. Though, since we’re separated from the outside world by our school’s walls, we’re not able to spend it with our families. Instead, we have our friends, classmates, and maybe even teachers to experience this joyful season with.

   Tonight, the stars come and watch, the streets become illuminated, and hopefully, our hearts unite as we forget about special exams, stress, and anything else that would prevent us from having fun.

   In preparation, I stood in front of a mirror. Of course, the stunning image of a cute girl was reflected. With the softest blonde hair one would die to caress, mesmerizing purple eyes to stare at for eternity, and overall, a beauty from head to toe.

   My lips curled into a smile.

   “‘Kay, I should be ready.”

   Why do I need to be ready exactly? Well, I have a date tonight.

   As I did my finishing touches, tying my hair and grabbing my scarf, the sound of the doorbell rang within my room.

   “Just a sec!” 

   I picked up my feet and went towards the door. The person on the other side of that door would inevitably be the one I would spend this special evening with. So, of course, I was a bit nervous.

   I reached for the doorknob and turned it with a pounding heart.

   My date appeared in front of me.

   “Good evening, Karui-…K-Kei-san.”

   “Good evening, Suzune~”


   Eh….What now?

   I could feel warmth rushing to my cheeks. My date is right there, in cute clothes too! 

   My eyes traveled her figure starting from her bare legs and ending with her cute red-tinted face. She wore a skirt with a questionable length, a gray jacket that unusually suited her, and a white scarf in contrast to her dark hair. 

   “You look pretty but aren’t you a bit cold? I mean, it’s winter.”

   Well, not like I can talk considering the clothes I chose too.

   “I took your advice. ‘Casual,’ you said…”

   It was very awkward…I mean, who wouldn’t be dazy in this situation? Two girls spending Christmas Eve together for the first time…And not as classmates, friends, best friends, and what-not, but as r-romantic partners! I can’t!

   But! Between the two of us, the one who has more experience in this kind of thing is me! Unlike me, Suzune has never been on a date before, at least not a date I was aware of. In that case, I’ll take on the responsibility of leading this night into a success.

   And so, I took her hand, the smoothness of her palm gave warmth to mine. 

   “We should head out now.”

   I looked up at her gradient eyes. She was nervous. The intelligent, calm, and cold person, Suzune, felt nervous as we locked fingers. I was, too. But in the end, it’ll work out.

   “Lead the way.”

   I smiled.

   How did this relationship even begin? Well, it all started with a water bottle. It was a weird experience. One of a kind and weird. Very weird.

   After all those strange things ended and our senses kicked back in, Suzune and I had stared at each other in horror. We were sweaty, wet, confused, and everything else. But no matter what we felt at that time, stuff happened that could not be undone. And while we probably weren’t thinking right when it happened, it wouldn’t have happened if we weren’t at least interested, right…? Right…?

   Suzune is very cute. But until that incident, she wasn’t the most approachable person. I mean, she’s supposedly our class leader now and all, but I get this sense that she’s too far away.

   So I thought this could be an opportunity to close the distance. Before, we only ever interacted if it concerned the class and once or twice about Kiyotaka. Well, we still don’t interact that much, but I’m trying, okay? 

   Obviously, Suzune didn’t know what to do, but for the sake of not ruining anything, she agreed. We hadn’t talked to each other until now, though. I knew we had to start somewhere, and what better way to do it than on Christmas eve? 

   Anyways…this will be fun…I hope.

   ✪ ✪ ✪

   As we stepped outside, the cold Winter breeze welcomed us into the night under the starry sky. My hair danced left and right while Suzune’s simply swayed, considering its length.

   Of course, we stopped holding each other’s hands at that point. Our relationship is not exactly public. I mean, I’m not even sure if both of us have acknowledged that we’re already on our path as lovers…

   Thinking about this…It’s kinda embarrassing…


   “S-So…Do you have any goals for tonight, Suzune?”

   “Let’s see…I’m not really familiar with any of this. The least that I can do is try to understand you a bit more…Get to know you…”

   She’s right…Outside of class, Suzune and I are clueless about each other. I have no idea how she spends her time, what she thinks about, her motivations, and probably everything else. The same thing goes for her about me.

   But that’s exactly why this happened, right? To get to know each other…

   But where should we even start? 


   “Hey, Suzune~”


   “Want to go to the mall?”

  ✪ ✪ ✪

   “Wow! These look pretty! Hey, hey, can we stop by here for a second?” I pulled at Suzune’s jacket, leading her to a store.


   “Yes, clothes! You should try some on!”

   “I see…This reminds me, I heard a few people from our class planned some sort of gathering tonight in this mall.”

   “Mmm? Oh, yeah. They invited me too. Ah, here, try this one.”

   I picked clothes that complimented her hair.

   “Right…You rejected their invitation? Wouldn’t it be unusual then if they see you here?”

   Hmm…What else would look cute? Ah! This one!


   “Mm? Oh, right. Well, I believe people should really pick wisely on who to spend this time with. Though I would really like to eat some nice food with friends and chat, I felt that it would be better like this.”


   “Really? I’m already alone with you. Shouldn’t the puzzle pieces fit automatically? A-Anyways! Put that one on already. I can’t wait to see you in it.”

   “You really like clothes, huh. Wait a minute.”

   Suzune headed towards the dressing room. Finally.

   Now, I gotta pick a few more. Suzune will be holding a fashion show just for me.



   A familiar voice called out to me from behind.


   “Satou-san…Good evening…”

   She must be here for the gathering, just stopping by for clothes. That’s something Sato-san would do.

   “Hello. I thought you said you wouldn’t come? What brings you here?”

   This is bad. I have been careless. If Sato-san or anyone else finds out that I’m here with Suzune, on a date on top of that, things will get weird. 

   “Haha…I felt a bit lonely inside my room and decided to go out.”

   Her eyes scanned the store.

   A cold chill ran down my spine. What’s on her mind?!

   “…Are you…”

   Please don’t.

   “…Here with Ayanokouji-kun, perhaps?”

   A piece of my heart broke off as my wishes faded, unfulfilled, unheard.

   “…I’m not.”

   A hint of disappointment appeared on her face.

   “Oh. I thought the reason you won’t come to the gathering is ’cause you have a date with him. It’s a lovely evening, after all.”

   “Ah, it would be troublesome if anyone saw us…Sato-san, could we drop this topic?”

   “You’re right…I’m sorry. Well, since you’re here alone, consider joining us later, ‘kay?”

   “I’ll see.”

   Sato-san quickly left the store with a bitter smile.

   A few seconds later, Suzune came out from the dressing room.

   She looks really cute in those clothes. Though, I can’t help but have mixed feelings after having that conversation with Sato-san.

   “What’s wrong?”

   “Nothin’ at all! You look adorable.”

   “…Thank you.”

   “N-Now, change back, and let’s get somethin’ to eat.”

   “That fast?”

   “Mm? You wanted to try on a few more clothes?”

   “…No, that’s not it. But, if you wanted me to…I wouldn’t have minded.”

   Seriously! If Suzune acted like this all the time, she’d receive confessions left and right! Sorry, Sudo.

   “Ah! Let’s save the clothes for next time, ‘kay? I’m kinda hungry.”


 ✪ ✪ ✪

   “Here, here! How about this place?”

   We stopped at a new restaurant about 5 minutes away. I read from a flyer somewhere that it houses all kinds of dishes…cuisines? It gets complicated.

   “It’s crowded.”

   “Yeah, it just opened recently, just in time for Christmas. As you can see, there are couples everywhere.”

   “I’m surprised this isn’t the place our classmates chose to dine in.”

   “It’s not really their style.”

   “Is it yours, though?”

   Suzune let out her concerns. Although I did propose this place, I did so because of the other couples enjoying their time inside. 

   “Maybe not…”

   “It’d be troublesome if one of us wasn’t comfortable with the place. Should we look for another?”


   As we walked in search of a different place to eat in, I let out a faint giggle. 

   “What’s wrong?” 

   Suzune seemed concerned with the sudden giggle, but it was nothing special, really.

   “Nothing’s wrong. This place, at this time, just reminded me of last year.”

   “Last year? I assume that you spent Christmas last year with a date too. What seems to be funny, though?”

   “Suzune is really clueless, huh. I just found it funny that on the 25th of last year, I was with Hirata-kun, and now, I’m with you. I never saw this coming.”

   “I see. It’s the same for me as well. Except, I never thought I would be with anyone at all.”

   Unfortunate events also happened on that day. 

   “Don’t be so gloomy, Suzune. You’re just too focused on class politics and special exams. If you loosen up a bit and relax, I’m sure more and more people would fall for your charms.”

   “But you’re here already. And, I had no interest in things like that.”


   “R-Right! I was just pointing out that you could’ve easily gotten people to fall for you, see?”

   I panicked for a bit. I hope she won’t have any ill interpretations of what I just said. 

   “No worries. By the way, would you prefer something lighter instead? We could just go to a cafe.”

   “Sandwiches, ice cream, and coffee, huh. Sounds fun!”

   That said, we went to Pallet. I’ve been to this place so many times, but it never gets old. And it’s as crowded as ever.

   We took our seats at a vacant table. I didn’t even need to look at the menu anymore; I’ve basically memorized it. 

   “You ordered ice cream?” Suzune furrowed an eyebrow.


   “Well, it’s fine, but it’s already below 10*C outside, and our clothes and the air conditioning doesn’t make it better. You could easily get a cold.”

   I slowly took in Suzune’s sincere concerns for my health. Warmth reached my cheeks. Trying to hide it, I rested my face on top of my hands, locking my sight onto Suzune’s cute expression, which surprisingly, slowly dyed her cheeks red as well.

   “Are you worried?”

   “…Well, that’s a given. I’d feel responsible if you get a cold, which I could have prevented but didn’t.”

   “If that’s the case, would you like to share the ice cream with me?”


   Just then, the buzzer that came along with the receipt started vibrating.

   “Oh, hey, our order is ready. Just a sec, ‘kay?”

   Suzune tried to leave her seat to help but stopped right after I gently touched her right shoulder, implying that I could do it on my own.

   I returned the buzzer to the counter and received our order. It wasn’t heavy, but I had to use a tray to safely carry everything back. Of course, my 20-second walk from the counter back to our table wasn’t 100% safe either. I could trip, the glass of ice cream could tip over, the utensils might fall, tissues might fly into my face, I could bump into someone, or the fire alarm might go off. Well, maybe not that last one, but I think I got my point across. 

   Needless to say, I arrived at our table in perfect condition!

   “Here you go.”

   Suzune ordered a light sandwich along with a cup of coffee. On the other hand, I ordered pretzels and ice cream. Oh, and a cup of water too.

   “Thank you.”

   I returned her gratitude with a smile.

   Well, no conversations really started after that. We just sat in our seats, quietly munching on our pretzels and sandwiches. Although we did trade a couple of short glances, we were too embarrassed to watch each other eat, so it didn’t really come to a point where you can call it a stare.

   Until I got into the ice cream.

   Ahh! This is such a bold move, even coming from me. Just thinking about it makes me hot.

   Suzune had already finished her sandwich and was absorbed in a book she brought. Mou, how could you bring a book to a date and read it silently in front of your partner mid-way too!

   Anyways…Back to ice cream.

   I took one of the spoons with a pretty long handle and used it to dig into the sweet and cold dessert.


   I let out a faint sound of satisfaction.

   I took another scoop and leaned towards the table. I extended the spoon close to Suzune’s face.

   At this point, she noticed that I’m interrupting her reading time, although confused as to what I was doing.

   It took me just a tiny bit of courage to say this, so she better cooperate.

   “Say ‘Ahh‘”

   I instantly realized how embarrassing my situation was. If Suzune doesn’t open her mouth any second now, I will die of embarrassment.

   At first, she looked confused, then she turned red but it quickly faded away. A hint of a mischievous smile appeared on her face.  She stared at me for a solid 10 seconds before finally taking the bite!

   I pretended to not be embarrassed at all, but I doubt my expression concealed anything.

   To the other students and bystanders watching, this could just be a scene of two best friends having fun, or maybe it’s not. But they will soon forget about it. After all, they have their own date to deal with, and no one here is from our class.   

   “You left me hanging for 10 seconds!”

   “I wanted to see how red your face could get.”

   “Your sadistic tendencies are leaking, Suzune…”

   “I’m sorry,” Suzune apologized despite having a lingering satisfaction present on her face.

   A few seconds later, a spoonful of ice cream appeared in front of my face. The one holding it is, of course, Suzune.

   I was so overjoyed that I forgot her recent sin and just quickly welcomed the spoonful of delight into my mouth. She didn’t say the cliche line, though.

   “See? Unlike you, I had no plans of teasing.”

   Suzune gently placed the spoon on top of a tissue.

   “I wouldn’t have minded. It’ll make us even. Plus, I get to watch you be tempted to take the spoonful in.”

   This girl…!

   “Hey, that’s not happening. You don’t get to tease me twice in a row.”

   After a few more giggles here and there, Suzune and I finished our light dinner and left the cafe. 

   We tried roaming around a bit more, but we got easily bored, so we decided to call it a night and headed towards the dorms.

   By the time we reached my room, it was already near bedtime. I took out my room’s keycard and unlocked the door. But, we didn’t go inside yet.

   “It’s snowing…”

   “Huh?” I turned towards Suzune, who was looking beyond the hallway guard.


   I gazed upon the glistening snow gently dropping from the cloudy but starry night sky. It was lovely.

   “Kei-san,” Suzune lightly called out to me, almost whispering.

   It was an ideal situation. Snow, stars, a warm heart, and a beloved. If you put these together, youth will bloom.

   “…W-What is it?”

   Under these thoughts, I was slightly flustered. I mean, this is a perfect moment to make a move. Suddenly calling out my name like that…Of course, I would think she’s onto something.

   And I wouldn’t have minded…

   “Merry Christmas,” she said, smiling.

   If I ever told anyone that Horikita Suzune put on a smile, they’ll try to imagine it, and then they’ll laugh, thinking of how out of place it is to witness a cute Suzune smiling at you. 

   Well, I would too. But, once you see it, pay close attention to it, your heart will simply melt. And after you find out that you’re the reason for that smile, you’ll start to squeal inside.

   It’s winter. It’s snowing.

   But I feel warm. I’m full of warmth.

   “Merry Christmas, Suzune.”

   Side by side, we rested our arms on top of the hallway guard. 

   I glanced at Suzune for a few moments and noticed…Her eyes are heavy.



   “-Kei-san,” she interrupted.


   “I want to talk to you about something.”

   “No problem. What’s it about?”

   What is this feeling?

   “It’s about…what you talked to Sato-san.”


   “Considering the recent events…”


   “…It makes sense.”


   “I should’ve noticed earlier, right?”

   Don’t say it.

   “…Your relationship with Ayanokouji-kun, that is.”

   Before I knew it, large droplets of tears started to build up in my eyes. 

  But it didn’t make sense…Suzune and I barely know each other. Today’s date is the only thing we’ve ever done together since that day. So why…Why should I be affected?

   Just now, a memory came in. An image of Suzune’s face right before we connected lips on that day flashed through my mind. 

   She looked…Lost…

   In a way, she reminded me of myself. But why would she be lost?

   “I trust you, Kei-san. And I want to trust Ayanokouji-kun now too. I shouldn’t be scared, no matter how far away he seems to me. But, for my trust to reach him, I shouldn’t have anything to hide. And so, I thought that what we’re doing is wrong. I mean, the damage is already there, but I want to avoid doing anything more that might harm you in the future.”

   “Why…Why are you giving up so easily?”

   “This is for the better…

   “No, Suzune! This is the most I’ve seen you out of your thick shell. Don’t just drop everything and go right back in!”

   With my feelings intense, my voice rose.

   My heart, which was overjoyed a few moments ago, got filled with anger, confusion, and disappointment.

   Anger because I know she’s right. Confusion because I don’t know why she’s right. Disappointment because I don’t know how to prove that she’s wrong.

   “I learned so many feelings and emotions in just one, two days with you. I’m going to pour my efforts and use what you’ve taught me to secure our Class’s future, our future.”



   “Here,” she took out a small box tied with a red ribbon.

   “…What’s in it.”

   “Open it.”

   I slowly untied the ribbon and opened the box, scared of ripping a part of my heart after seeing what she gave me.


   “A trinket,” she completed.

   “Strangely, this reminds me of my first connection with you.”

   “It looks like…a mistletoe.”

   “A kiss.”

   That’s right…It all started with a silly water bottle incident. Right after that, I pushed my lips against hers. And the rest is history.

   “Good night, Kei-san.”


   Before Suzune could turn around, I stopped her. I took the trinket in my hand and raised it towards the sky.

   Suzune stared at the mistletoe-shaped trinket above our heads. Although it wasn’t the real thing, it didn’t stop our feelings from overflowing.

   When two people go under a mistletoe…they…

   I quickly drop my arms and wrap them behind Suzune’s neck, her face right in front of mine.


   Anyone could find us in the middle of the hallway. However, I did not care. This was my farewell.

   Without even waiting for her consent, I pushed my soft lips against hers. Tears started to roll down my cheeks.

   I’m sorry…

   I know she would act tough. I know because I do it too.

  But, at this moment, we can let it all out.

   I opened my eyes for a second just to let my tears fall.

   In that fraction of a second, I saw Suzune crying, too, all while still kissing me.

   Ahh…How did this happen…?

   Soon, we broke off, for good.

   I wiped my eyes with my wrists, and then I smiled.

   Seeing me like this, Suzune put on a smile too. I’m glad she’s smiling again.

   That was our final kiss. Our farewell. Tears fell and dried up.

   “Good night, Kei-san.”

   “Good night, Suzune…”

   And goodbye…




   Suzune turned around and before I knew it, her soft lips were pressed against mine, her hands holding my face. 

   I stood there with my eyes wide open as if time froze. But with my heart under siege and my lips conquered, my eyelids fell and let it all happen.

   With each passing second, my body became hotter and hotter. Under this cold weather, all I could feel was Suzune’s warmth rushing through my entire body.

   As I wrapped my arms around her, our scents started to mix. Every time we gasped for air, the smell of lavender rushed into our senses. And every time our lips connected again, my heart would skip a beat as all of Suzune’s warmth crashed down on me.

   I waited for the right timing to question her after she took another breath.


   I sneaked a peek at Suzune, waiting for her to reply, but it was all in vain as she claimed my lips once again.

   My knees got weaker as they succumbed to the pleasure and intensifying emotions.

   Suzune took a step forward, forcing my back against my room door, our bodies were closer than ever. 

   My left hand left Suzune’s waist just to search for the doorknob behind me. Sure enough, my hand met with something cold and metallic. I turned the knob and not to my surprise, the wall supporting my back disappeared.

   I lost my balance, but before I fell on my back, Suzune pulled me into an embrace. Wanting room, I slightly pushed her away and took a few steps backward. Suzune followed suit and shut the door behind her, keeping our voices to ourselves.

   Even at this point, I wasn’t sure of what was happening, but my heart did not care. I only focused my attention on the feeling of her soft lips.

   Suzune broke off and gasped for air, our eyes half-open. I sneaked a peek at her just to be hypnotized by how she looked.

   I stared at her, my eyes asking why she stopped. But, I could only guess that she finally decided to answer the question I asked 5 minutes ago.

   Still gasping for air, she started to talk, “I-I…I couldn’t let you go…If you hadn’t kissed me earlier, perhaps I could’ve…”

   “…It’s your fault for giving me that trinket.”

   “I won’t run away anymore, Kei-san; I will stay with you,” Suzune whispered into my ears as she planted her lips on my cheeks and slowly traveled down my neck.

   The pleasure I felt took the form of a sound as I let out a moan that penetrated the walls. Suzune took my hands. The way her fingers curled around mine blocked out my senses.

   My hair found itself untied, replacing the hard wall behind me with my soft locks.

   My lips tingled. I gave Suzune a slight shove, asking her to break off.

   She looked at me, confused, but I just wanted to taste her again.

   I turned gears and went for the offense, replacing her confusion with ecstasy.

   I took a step forward and directed her towards my bed. She followed willingly. After we got close enough, she sat down at the side while I sat on her lap. I could feel her soft thighs brushing against mine.

   Suzune held me in her arms while I wrapped mine behind her neck.

   My senses were all focused on the taste of her lips, leaving no room for any thoughts to speak up. 

   Soon enough, Suzune succumbed to her overflowing emotions and laid her back against the bed.

   We broke off, panting. One heavy breath after another.

   Filled with warmth, I stared at her face.

   And as if our hearts became one, together, we confessed:

   “I love you.”